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    I will go with these two, although I like some of the other suggestions.

    Chris's album is excellent, IMO. Steve Hackett plays guitar on it, and the choir is excellent as well as Chris's voice. The end of the album has "Run WIth The Fox", which was recorded in 1981 with the choir mixed into it. I actually prefer the version without the choir, but it is still a very good song either way.

    For an even more contemporary album and group:

    Ok, I know Zooey Deschanel's voice is one of those love or hate voices, but I think she has a great voice, myself.
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    Caety's favorite Christmas album. I just happen to like near everything he puts out, so...

    I like that album too -- just a tremendously warm and intimate vibe; gorgeously recorded as well.

    Mr. Sumner's version of The Cherry Tree Carol (which is a truly weird and wacky take on the story of Mary & Joseph) is absolutely superb, IMO.

    If you really like that album, you might also really like this one :)
    My all-round personal favorite "Holiday Album" for the past decade or so -- and I am sure I already mentioned it before... but so what? ;)


    -- also sumptuously recorded.
    You can try before you buy:

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