MM124 dual sub box?

MOMOcivic Posts: 20
edited January 2003 in Car Subwoofer Talk
I just bought 2 sets of the mm6's and a pair of the mm124's. I am putting them in a 2002 honda civic and can't seem to find any ideas for boxes for these speakers....i don't really know what the best box for them is, it says that they need .88 cubic feet but are these better suited in a ported , bandpass or sealed box. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
1 pair MM124
2 pair MM6 6.5
1 Rockford 700s for the subs
1 Rockford 500x for the seperates
1 Rockford One Farad Cap
Sony Xav-7w head unit
All Monster wire, RCA's, fuse blocks and battery terminals.
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