Pictures of my first build

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Just thought I would post up a few pics of my build, its not quite done, I'm going to make a cover for the stuff in the trunk, cut a hole in the factory liner and reinstall, I'm also going to add another layer to my speaker baffles and get them more on axis with the driver and make custom grills for the front speakers.....
the coolest thing about this build is I actually have more trunk space now, the stock system had a 10 inch sub in the trunk on the drivers side wheel well.
it sounds great and I know as I tweak things it will sound even better. I used a PAC audio adapter and the stock nav head unit, sound is nice and clean, I had to do some fiddling with the wiring to get it that way but I'm happy now, tons of volume too, I have the sr6500 gains set at about 10 o'clock and the sub about the same and I'm only going about half way on my head unit volume for loud playing, 2/3's is really, really loud to my ears.

thanks to everyone for their help!
Pictures of my car too.
Dyno at low boost, on the street I see another 3 to 4 lbs.
HU: Clarion DRZ9255 4 Way Active:
HIGH: Polk SR52500 tweets. MID: SR5250 woofers. LOW: SR6500 woofers. SUB: Two Polk MM1240svc's 1010rms sealed in 1.75 cu.ft. AMPS: Arc Audio FD4150, FD2200 & FD1200.1.
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