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I seen for the first time a small rack of sacd's and almost bought one but thought I had better ask first. Will it even play on my player? I don't see where it says sacd as one of the formats but does play dvd-audio,are they the same?

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    no sacd will not play on your dvd-audio player they are competing standards and who knows who will win out.
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    SACD will not play on your DVD player. while the format of choice (in my opinion) DVD-audio will play a second layer on your DVD player. Both formats sound awesome in my opinion. Some people don't like the surround sound from multichannel audio discs.. I think it's fun to listen to. Yeah not all music sound good or better in 5.1 channel sound. BUt it's a huge improvement over regular CD's. sound is much more clean and clear sounding to me.
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    Hey Dave,

    Thier are a few SACD disc that are "HYBRID" they will play on regular CD and DVD players. You won't experience the Super Audio, or Mult-channel sound until it is played in a SACD deck. You have to read the package closely. I have both formats and enjoy each of them. I currently do not choose one over the other, however to date more titles have been released in SACD format. If you want to hear a nice DVD-Audio disc go to and send for the sampler disc. Let us know what you think...
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