Sony DA4ES for lsi15 or rti150?

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I'm looking at running the Sony ES receiver which is rated 110 watts x 7 into 8 ohms (20-20,000 Hz) at 0.05% THD. The ES line is much better on power than lower Sony stuff, but I can't find the info on 4ohm.

So can I use lsi with this, or am I better off with rti? I am basically comparing lSi15 vs RTi150, with center and FX for 5 channel. I will also be using a PSW650.

And yes, I like to FEEL my music. This will be 80/20 music/movie I'd guess. I like harder rock mostly (Incubus). The snare should be sharp and I should feel the bass drum. I rarely listen to classical or jazz, but I'd like these speakers to last me at least 5 years and my preferences may mature. Movie and HDTV will also become more important I think.

Upgrade paths:
1. add rears for 7 channel
2. add amps (in a looong time), hence the lsi off receiver concern
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    It will work with either the RTi or LSi line. Like most Sony receivers it has a 4/8 ohm impedance switch on back for UL safety standards. You could probably run it on either setting if you got one.

    Beware though, it sounded painfully harsh to me with the RTi150s. I can't comment on the LSi line with the 4ES. I hadn't heard of Sony ES products having this effect, so was quite surprised. The amplifier sounded powerful enough with the RTi speakers. I was disappointed because the features and 5 year warranty were appealing. The main dislike I had was that the 4ES has no 5 or 7 channel stereo mode. I returned it and got a Denon receiver instead.
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    In my humble opinion,

    I think you could use the Sony ES for either speaker, but if you really want to hear what they can do they deserve a seperate preamp, and power amp. You can use the Sony for processing it's excellent for movies, DVD-Audio, and Multi-Channel SACD,but if you mainly want music then I'd suggest you at least add a 2 channel power amp for the mains.
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    Originally posted by ATCVenom
    Truthfully, I would go for the RTi-150's - all things considered.

    What 'things'?
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    I have looked at the Rotel 1075, which would do 200x5 at 4ohm. That sounds very tasty for $1000, yes? Any other suggestions?

    However, would there be any reason for me to get the DA4ES over a 5 channel Sony ES receiver like the DA1ES or the 6 channel DA2ES?
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