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Hello Polk folks!!!

I would like to get some feed back from the polk audio home theatre people out there.......I am planning to upgrade my 11yr old sony 27" trinitron tv for the Sony Wega xbr 36" room is 12x12 and i would like to upgrade my tv big enough to get the theatre effects(the 27" doesn't do the job and i have decided on a tube type tv ) .....presently my sound system consist of a pair of rt800i-fronts,rt35i for the rears and the cs400i as the center channel and sorry for the ct 15" velo sub......and the HK avr310. I was much interested in getting the 40" wega xbr because it's the biggest tube out there but the sales person says that the tv would not be able to fit through the twist and turns of the stair way to the basement because the 40" is just too my only choice would be the 36"wega xbr.......

so my question is......would i find the 36" big enough to make a difference from my present 27"?????????? I have great sound through my Polks but i missing the visual portion in my home theatre........not quite there yet!

any advice will be welcome.......long term investment!! hope to keep my next tv for another 10yrs!

by the way the sales person/owner gave me some decent prices for:

$3299.00 cdn dollar for the 36 wega xbr
$5000.00 40" "


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    First of all Sony products are way over priced. Especially there T.V.'s. If this is along term investment (10) years and you are using it for home theater----
    Rule one-go HDTV
    Rule Two- go as big as possible
    Rule Three-widescreen 16:9 unless you never plan to use a video format called DVD.
    Your willing go pay 5k for a monitor. I wish I could. If you like Sony, they have one of the best front projection systems on the market. Fits in the palm of your hand. You can go 40" to 300" in HD. And it's Under 5k. If want to stay with something that small under 40" for 5K you can buy a flat screen super HD. Hope this helps or gives you something to consider. Later :)
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    thanks, Scottvamp for your advice/recommendation!!!

    I have not officially decided yet....I will try some more outlets and see if anyone can beat the quoted prices that i got......I receive some more suggestion from some bud's in town and they's still a lot of money and told me to also try out the mid model of the sonywega.....when I have decided I will post my conclusion.

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    ...the new 40" xbr goes for around $3500 on their website.
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    While I like the Sony, I agree it is overpriced. I got a 36" for $800 that I love.

    I also went from a 27" to a 36" a couple years back. I did it in a room with similar dimensions. WOW, what a difference.

    I'll assume you are Canadian. Is there any talk about Canada going Digital. I don't know how or if it will effect you, but the U.S. is supposed to be going to strictly Digital broadcasts in the near future. If you're considering spending that kind of money, I'd make sure it won't be obsolete in a few years. There's talk about decoders for standard sets, this I might be okay with as my initial investment wasn't as large.

    Either way, good luck and welcome the THE FORUM.
    Make it Funky! :)
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    Dude, get a widescreen Toshiba 56". Much cheaper, much cooler.

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    thanks everyone on the Polk board for your recommendations/suggestions.......I'll keep you all posted on my final decision and will try to attach a pic of my ht system....not the best but for what i can afford for now!