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Ok, so I have set up my hardware and they are as follows:

Sony Str-de685 Receiver 5.1 DD/DTS
Polk Rt1000i Powered Towers Fronts
Polk CS400i Center
Polk Rt55i Rears
Monster 12 gauge wire

I now realize my OBCD nature because even though my setup is relativly simply I spent hours yesterday **** around with settings trying to see if I could better improve upon the sound I was listening to.

Here is what I have arrived at as far as realizations. Hopefully, they will help.

1. All speakers despite there size have been set to small. The only exceptions are my powered towers. They have to be large!
2. You know those gold clips that Polk provides, uhhh hehe unless you intend on bi-amping don't remove them and simply hook one set of wires to one terminal. I did that like an idiot with my towers and my center. I wasn't even thinking, my center was sounding terrible like it was playing in a box, and I couldn't figure out why after plugging in my towers, setting the receiver to "yes" for a connected subwoofer why there wasn't any base coming out. Obviously, when i returned the gold clips into there proper terminal position the sound was back to normal!
3. Powered towers will not perform like a dedicated sub will. They will provide some low end, much more than any non powered tower, but nothing like a dedicated sub. Thats really fine for me, I live in a condo.
4. Unless I am wrong about this, my system sounded best when the center channel was set at 0 matching the output of my fronts, but my rears were all cranked to +10.

Now, HELPPPP.... What does the LFE Setting on SONY RECEIVERS DO? I currently have it at 0db. **** can be set to -20db or to off. I was playing my analoge cd player through my receiver and I couldnt detect a base difference at any position. Something tells me its a dolby digital feature that i can adjust when playing a movie via optical connection supporting Dolby digital.

Am i right?
Receiver: Pioneer Elite VSX-43TX
Mains: Bi-Amped Polk Rt1000i
Surrounds: Bi-Wired Polk Rt55i
Center: Bi-Wired Polk Cs400i
Subwooofer: SVS PB1

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  • Frank Z
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    LFE (Low Frequency Effects) settings should not have any effect on your system. The LFE is for a sub connected to the receiver.
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    LFE only works if it is connected to a sub. If so - set to YES and adjust the db as you would your speakers. LFE (aka subwoofer)is feature that is almost on all DD recievers.
    All speakers despite there size have been set to small. The only exceptions are my powered towers. They have to be large!
    We basically have the same frontstage. I recently went to speaker line on my speakers and as you said all mine sound much better to small BUT I tryed the rt1000's both ways and believe it are not there was little or no difference when I went from large to small. Try it - put your hand under the power port and you will see that there is little difference in how much the sub is getting "sound". The rest of your obsovations are right on point. Nice system!!!!!
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