Need help with polk speakers.

Digital Daddy
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I own a HK avr520 and also have a 10" sub,I recently upgraded my rear surrounds to Polk R30's.I was wondering if I should purchase the RTi70's and CSi40 to complete the upgrade?Or could I get the CSi30 and model below the RTi70's to save some money?I'm not sure what the model below the RTi70's is?Would the HK avr520 be too strong for the CSI30 and model below RTi70's or could these speakers handle the full clean power?I'm also going to upgrade my 10"DBOX sub and would like your opinion's on a replacement to match with my system?Thanks for all the help.:)
  1. RTi 70
  2. CSi 40
  3. r30
  4. r15
  5. Velodyne 12" sub
  6. H/K AVR520
  7. PS3
  8. Xbox 360
  9. Bell HD satellite 6100
  10. Samsung 4665 HDTV
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  • phuz
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    The CSi30 and RTi70 can handle just about anything that your receiver can throw at them, within reason.
  • botany
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    I have the H/K AVR-520 also. My fronts are the RTi70's and my center is the CSi40 with a set of Fxi50's in the rear and FXi30 on the side rear.
    The sound is great!!!!!!

  • goingganzo
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    the 70 40 is a great combo. i have the 800i 400i with is allmost the same setup just diff tweets. and it is sweet. i would not get the 100 it dot add that much if you have a sub but if you dont they are worht the little more.
  • Soccerplyr
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    have the 70, 30 for a month now and love it!!!
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    I have RTi70's and csi 40 great combo, had the csi 30 and the 40 is much more of a speaker, although the 30 was a fine speaker and non lacking, i just wanted the bigger drivers and cabinet
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