Is this a good idea?

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I currently have the Polk R50 as my mains. I was wondering if they could work as surround speakers if I get more powerful Polk mains(mainly the Rti 150?

My current setup
Onkyo SR 800
R50 L/R
Fxi 30 L/R ( I would use these as my surround back speakers and throw away the crappy RCA's I have right now)
PSW 303 ( got it free)

I am open to any suggestions.

Thanks guys.
Television: Hitachi S500 51" Widescreen
Receiver: Onkyo, SR-800
DVD Player: Denon 2900 - M1000
Comcast HDTV Motorola 5100 - M1000
Fronts: RTi70's (Bi-wired w/ Monster M1.4's)
Center: CSi40 (Bi-wired w/ Monster M1.4's)
Subwoofer: Polk 505 - Monster MSB1000 cable
Surrounds: FXi30's
Rear Surrounds: RTi38's
Brickwall PWRM20AUD

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