Secure Wire Connection Advice Requested

kbergkberg Posts: 974
Hey all,

I bi-wired up my front speakers to my Onkyo receiver by just twisting them together and tightening them into each terminal, as the Acoustic Research pin connectors that came with the speaker wire were just too small (even for just one wire to go through each pinhole).

Is there a better way to get a more secure speaker wire connection, given my setup, such as other recommended connector types?

Mains: polkaudio RTi70's (bi-wired)
Center: polkaudio CSi40 (bi-wired)
Surrounds: polkaudio FXi30's
Rear Center: polkaudio CSi30
Sub: SVS 20-39 PC+
Receiver: ONKYO TX-SR600
Display: JVC HD-56G786
DVD Player: OPPO DV-981HD 1080p High Definition Up-Converting Universal DVD Player with HDMI
Remote: Logitech Harmony H688
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