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I'm new to this forum and see that there is alot of others using this place with alot of equipment. I have not been into high fedelity for quite a while (18yrs when the first surround sound came out and still have it).Boy have things changed. My wife and I desided to buy one thing for christmas insted of exchanging gifts. We opted for the polk RM7200 W/free202 from circuit city,panasonic dvd-cp72 and panasonic sa-he200 receiver. This seemed to be the best they had to offer. They didn't have and couldn't get the 7600 speaker set. My room is 19ftx25ft and seems to do a good job the tv is a 56"phillips magnavox. My question is it seem that the 202sub puts out more felt base then the 550 the set came with, does this seem right? the 202 is wired to the front speakers and the 550 is LFE, I had them the other way but still the same result. Also when playing pearl harbor at 34db on the receiver and half on both subs the 550 made a popping sound in three spots in the movie the 202 just seemed to peform great, any possable reason why the cheeper one seems to do so well compared to the more expensive one?. All in all we're happy with polk and wouldn't trade them for any other brand. I have other questions but don't want to overwelm you all at once.

Thanks dave
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    Welcome the the forum - nice setup you have. Big difference stepping into the digital world. The 202 is a newer sub and may just be setup properly. The new series are very well made. The popping sound on the 550 is the sub bottoming out. Being pushed too hard on the deep bass parts of the movie. The LFE has three setting to contend with the volume on the sub, volume on the reciever and the internal recievers db and bass management setting. If these are out of whack - you can blow a sub. Phase should be at 0 at front of room and 180 if in the back if the room.
    Also you can split the lfe signal with a Y adapter. Good Luck!!
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