Alpine PRA-H400 Digital time/Frequency Processor

Mike B.Mike B. Posts: 54
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In good condition ,minor blemishes in finish on sides.
Yeah, its old school, but it WORKS and Sounds GOOD!
Ai-net controlled, or they made a controller(I never needed it,or bought it)
3 optical inputs
2 optical outputs
AI changer input
AI "slave" output
12 channels of RCA outputs: Front low/mid/high: Rear low/mid/high
Does digital time correction per output in .3ms adjustments
Digital X-over 18 or 24 db (cant remember)
Adjustable level per output 1db adjustments
Easy to use, setup... need to locate the owners manual.
$200 shipped w/insurance

I also have a CVA-1005, DVA-5205, and a CHA-S624


will let it all go for $550shipped.
Mike Bobelak
Heartland Regional Manager
Polk Audio
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