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Plugging in the
Polk subwoofer psw303b by the Polk book is very confusing.

Polk's owner’s manual shows the wires coming out of the Receiver carrying an audio signal. Polk's manual tells us clearly that Mr. Polk and his engineers then advise us to put these wires, into the Speaker Level Output of the Subwoofer. Output to Output!

When this was discovered we were setting up a surprise for Christmas and it was to late to take all these
Polk speakers back. Now that we have established that Mr. Polk knows what he is doing.

Polk goes on to explain that many Amps do not put out a signal to the Subwoofer in TV mode. The subwoofer signals still go to the Left and Right stereo speakers. It looks like Polk suggests hooking the subwoofer to the LF and RF speakers so that the filter in the Subwoofer can control the low tones.

In order to get this audio signal into the sub, figure 5 shows hooking up the LF and RF speakers to the
Speaker Level Output. This diagram clearly shows that the only way a signal can go into this subwoofers input is if the audio signal is coming FROM the speakers. All the time I was supposing that sound was to be coming out of not into the speakers.

If it turns out that maybe somehow the labeling is incorrect. What else is
backwards in the designing of Polk's products?

How can the externals be mixed up and the internals in the right position?

Are the labels on the Subwoofer that say Filtered and Unfiltered also
What are they supposed to indicate? How can we trust anything from
Polk if they are using some little known laws of electricity, and Polk does not explain what they are?

Audio test
Ok so I hooked up the RM6700 with PSW303 subwoofer to a Denon avr-1603/683 av surround receiver with
Subwoofer (Out) jack.

Before reading the Manuel it was hooked up according to
Polk's Figure 7 “Sub Out Hookup

After reading the Manuel it was hooked up according to
Polk's Figure 6. I did not go to Figure 5 at that time because the wire now running all over the house was not long enough to switch the audio base from the Amp to the Subwoofer.

The Bands “Last Waltz,” rock concert, was on AMC TV (cable) shortly before Christmas. I could not hear much, if anything, coming out of the
Polk subwoofer.

As a test, I reconnected the “
Monster Sub-out cable to the “Line In (Filtered),” jack on the Subwoofer and made the appropriate changes on the Amps output.

Boom all of a sudden I could hear Sound. Now here is the thing. When I removed the parallel wire hookups, there was no noticeable change. I was getting the sub tones from the sub out Amp outlet when activated. But
not getting the tones from the parallel wire hookup when the Amp sub-outlet is deactivated.

I am going into the Subwoofer using a line that is filtered coming out of the Amp. If the labels make any kind of sense. I am going into a jack with a filtered line.
Why do the low pass and volume knobs have an effect on the sound?

If I am relying on the Amp to filter the signal, why is the
Polk subwoofer still modifying the output from the Amp?

The last modification was to put a splitter on the single sub-out hookup to go into both the L and R Line In (filtered).

Should I be going into the Line In (Unfiltered) port with one wire, instead of splitting the signal into the ports marked Line In (filtered)?
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    Holy Bufflo Chips Batman!!!!!

    OK OK OK....take a breather Sumflow. Your setup is very similar to mine except that I have the 404 subwoofer. I just check the 303/404 manual and sure enough, the pictures are labeled incorrectly. I didn't look at them when I did the original hookup since I just read the connection instructions paragraph (which are correctly worded). I have my setup as this:

    Front L/R Receiver Output to Line Input on Sub. Line out on sub to Front L/R speakers.

    Surrounds and center speaker run directly off of the speaker outputs on the receiver.

    In the "Speaker Configuration" menu of your Denon, set your Front Speakers to "Large" and the surrounds and center speakers to "Small". Subwoofer should be set to "No or Off".
    If your Denon has a cross-over setting, set it at 120-150 Hz.

    On the back of the sub, crank the Low Pass Crossover knob all the way up, and put the volume at about the halfway mark. Adjust the controls on the back of the sub till you get the bass volume you like and the sub blends in well with the Sats.

    The second option is to run all the Sats to your receiver and run a cable between your receiver's sub-out and the LFE (unfiltered yellow port) on the back of your sub.

    In the "Speaker Configuration" menu of your Denon set your front L/R, center, and surround L/R to "Small". The sub-woofer option to "Yes or On" and set the cross-over setting on your Denon to 120-150 Hz. Play with the crossover setting and the sub volume knob till you're happy with the settings. (using this hook-up method disables the variable low-pass cross-over knob on the back of the sub.

    Hope this helps. I'm completely pleased with my setup (after a few days of fustration and tinkering with settings). There are a lot of helpful people here. I couldn't have gotten where I at without the Doc's help.
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    Scan these pages and post them please?! I've seen and gone through most of polk's documentation and haven't found a single page that says anything (the errors) near what you are talking about, and honestly I'm having a hard time making sense of most of what you said.
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    Originally posted by phuz

    Scan these pages and post them please?! I've seen and gone through most of polk's documentation and haven't found a single page that says anything (the errors) near what you are talking about, and honestly I'm having a hard time making sense of most of what you said.

    I agree Phuz, and if you're like me - thos colors make me so effin tired that I just read the first 3 lines, and say eff it!
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