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I recently purchased a set of RM7600 w/ PSW650 sub. I'm using a Sony STR-DE935 receiver. Does anyone have tips on adjusting the frequencies levels on the individual speaker settings on the reciever. (Front, Center, and Rear) For example, the center channel treble, mid, and highs, as well as the front treble, mid, and highs and the rear treble, mids and highs. I have tried adjusting them to my ear but come up with something different everytime. Just getting started so any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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    Keep adjusting until your happy. Every room and personal taste is different. Also, alot of people around here steer clear from Sony, so you probably won't be too likely to get a response about this receiver. That's only because Sony amps don't seem to do too well with the larger (or smaller but new) Polks, which is what most of us have. You shouldn't have a problem and have a really nice system.

    If you wanted to invest about $50-$60, you can get a Radio Shack SPL (sound pressure level) meter from Radio Shack and an Avia test disc. Get the analog SPL, as it's cheaper and that's what most of us have. This with the Avia (sold at the Polk store and other places), is a great way to fine tune your system for your room.
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    Well here is one, from a Sony user. According to Polk, for RM series, feed the sub from the amp's L/R speaker output, and feed the RM7600 from the sub's speaker out for best effect. I didn't listen to them neither and played with the frequency. With the Sony it was easy. I also thought that Sony audio equipment do not enjoy the same reputation they do with their video equipment. Before I bought my first H.T. system a few weeks ago, I compared specs of different make and found that Sony offers good value for the money. I bought the STR-DA1ES. With the RM6700, and PSW404, it sounds (DVD movies)similar to my more expensive ADCOM-555 amplifier and Energy Connoisseur speakers. Mr. Hammer's RM7600/PSW650 should do much better than mine. I am not sure about the DE985 (I assume DE935 was a typo), but my 1ES can drive 4 ohm speakers,with slightly reduced output, indicating that it is not high current capable. Other than that, Sony is probably good as long as you stick to the top models. I believe the DE985 is the top model of the DE series. I have had no trouble driving those RM/404 speakers to very loud level without noticeable distortion, while maintaining excellent dynamic range.
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    Assuming you have your 6700/404 wired per Polk's "Recommended Method" (i.e. speaker out to sub, fronts off of sub) Where do you have the 80Hz - Full Range switch on the back of the 404 set at? I've been asking around and haven't gotten very far with this yet.
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    I set it to full range, according to the 404 manual. There is one single separate sheet that came with the instruction manual, that talked about setting it to 80 Hz as you mentioned. It goes like this:

    "This amplifier offers a switchable ................the benefits of this switch could be greater dynamic range from the front stage speaers.....(Not recommended for small satelline systems such as Polk RM Series.)". So it looks like this part of their instruction applies to larger speakers only.

    In the end, I settled with using the unfiltered LFE and set the high cut frequency to 130 hz. I found the sound I am getting is just as good, but without those 12 gauge speaker wires on the floor.
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