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Hello all. I have a question and only have until tomorrow to make up my mind.

I have an Marantz 8200 receiver runing a pair of RT 10s. After replacing my 12 gauge monstercable with 16 gauge monster cable I had MUCH better sound. (Note, my 12 guage was tarnished all the way though the speaker wire, it has a clear insulator so you can see all the black running the length of the wire. Must have been stored in the basement at one point, duh!) and the 16 guage is just a cheap temp solution, but I'm impressed with it so far.

Anyway, I went and auditioned some B&W 604s today. Junk in my opinion my RT10s blow them away and they where only $500 for the pair instead of $1400 for the B&Ws. And I don't want to spend the $2600 for the B&Ws I liked. So I'm going to listen to some M&K 850s tomorrow (about the same price as LSi9s) to see how I like them. But, through crutchfield I can get a pair of LSi9s for $899 with the free sub or $699 without the sub (I'm thinking no sub as I'll probably go M&K for the sub). But I cannot listen to them before hand, but crutchfield has a 30 day money back deal. So will the Marantz 8200 handle the 4 Ohm load ok? I can't find much info on in the manual besides 6 Ohm and it doesn't mention which speaker loads it can handle. The receiver is 130 Watts to 6 ohms. Any advice? Eventually I'll match out the system either M&Ks or Polk. I really don't like the circuit city polks so I'm kind of nervous about the LSi series. I wish I had bought a full set of speakers when I got my RT10s!

Anyway I hope you people can help me out fast! If I go Polk I don't want to miss the $200 off deal so I have to buy tomorrow since I leave for vacation Saturday morning.

I'm tempted to buy the polks, and return them if I like the M&Ks better when I listen to them. That way I will not miss the $200 off deal.

Oh, and I'll consider the LSi15s too. Any thoughts on those? Like I said I'll probably go M&K for the sub so I really don't need the LSi15s. I just wish they had a tower without a sub built in. That would be nice.


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    I have no experience with Marantz receivers but I THINK it should drive the LSi9 just fine. It will be temporary until you get an amp right? The LSi will not sound their best with mid-level receivers as many members have experienced. Anyways, I own the LSi9 powered by an Onkyo receiver @75w/ch and I'm not having any problems at all even though Onkyo states the receiver is 6 Ohms minimum. Just make sure you don't pump them up too loud if you're receiver is not powering them properly.

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    Just a as a side note, you can get the LSI9's online from Sounddistributors.com for about $620, if you're comfortable with online purchases. I know a few members have used them before.........
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    Welcome to the forum!

    With a deadline decision, I'd go with the LSi. After listening and reading the reviews, I'm sold. I've heard SOME M&K and can say that the detail just wasn't there, comparatively.

    I have a smaller room and dedicated to music. If you have a large room that is dedicated to HT or loud music the M&K might be a better choice considering the heavy load of the LSi.

    Don't be sold on any sub.

    Good luck! Pick Polk!
    Make it Funky! :)
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