Proper Hookup for Polk 5jrs and SX-450?

nadams Posts: 5,873
Hi guys,
I have a pair of Polk 5jr speakers hooked up to a 1970's vintage Pioneer SX-450 receiver. I have the speakers hooked up the the "A" channel of speakers, and also have a pair of vintage Micro-Acoustics 3DX speakers hooked up to the "B" channel. However, when I turn the power on, the Polks get a very heavy power-on thump which actually pushes the drivers out for a full second or so, then they return to the normal idle position. This is because when you turn the knob, it goes right to the "A" speakers. Is there anything I can do to correct this? I have a new receiver that I used to use with these speakers, but IMO it just doesn't make them sound as good. Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks,

Ludicrous gibs!
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