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Hi everyone,

I'm about as new and shiny as they come to the HT world. I've just started building my system and need very basic advice on how to hook things up and the types (not brands) of cables I'll need.

Here's what I've got:

Sony TV with S-video
Pioneer DV-444 progressive scan DVD player
Yamaha CDC-665 CD changer
Yamaha RX-V430 receiver
Polk R30 speakers
I've also got a VCR and a digital cable descrambler to complicate things a bit.

Once again, please dumb your response down to my level. If there are specific, reasonably priced brands of cable that you think would work especially well let me know!

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    People laugh at me for using HD wire and Ratshack cables, but looky here--hes recomending them! WTF!
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    The monster cable is obviously a good investment, but a couple yaers ago I picked up some RCA Home Theater cable at Walmart that works well for me, is heavy gage, very pure copper, and generally seems on a similiar level of manufacture with the basic monster cable. Don't remember the price, but I know it was cheaper than C city's monster.
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    Originally posted by rradinov
    ... just started building my system and need very basic advice on how to hook things up and the types (not brands) of cables I'll need.

    The method of connecting all of your components together is usually the hardest decision to make when building an HT setup. First and foremost you'll have to answer the basic question of "Do I want to turn on my entire system every time I want to watch TV or the local news?" If the answer is "Yes" then try to route everything through your Yammer receiver (Video and Audio). That way you can pretty much control everything from your receiver with one remote (but it is certain that you will need to play around with a minimum of 2 remotes each time unless you front some money up for a decent ALL-in-One remote.)

    If you rather not have to turn on the entire system each time you want to watch TV, then things get a bit more complicated. Build a list of things that you would like to do that doesn't require turning everything on and go from there. Things can be done with lots of spitters sending one signal to the TV and the other to your HT system.

    As for cables, my general policy is the thicker the better, the shorter the better, and the more shielded the better. Buy what you think you're able to afford, but at the same time, buy with the intent that the wires will be an investment for the future as well. As you upgrade your equipment to bigger and better, they will become more and more particular to the quality of cable that you use. Interconnects will always be the same, no matter what type of equipment you buy so they'll be with your system for the long run. Personally, I found a good balance between price and quality with the basic Monster cables series and Acoustic Research cables available at BestBuy.

    Welcome to the Forum. They're plenty of people here who have "been there" and will keep you from making the "dumb" and "costly" mistakes...
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