Anyone with a CS1000p wanna help me out with somethin?

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I just got my center this week and when I put it on top of my TV, it discolored, so right now it's sitting on the floor. I took the speakers apart and looked at them to make sure that the shielding cup was in place and all appeared to be ok.....except......

The wiring on the left sub driver is different than whats on the right. The left driver has a green and red cable, where the right has a red and black. On each of the drivers, there is a red dot. With the left sub driver, the green cable is connected to the red dotted post, and on the right sub driver, the red cable is connected to the red dotted post. That seems a little backward to me, so I'm wondering if someone can check theirs out and lemme know. Would it really even matter which cable was connected to which post? (no idea on that one)

I was listening to my Billy Joel: Videos DVD and the left sub driver started rattling. One song specific it did it with, but then I got a knock on the door and was asked to turn it down so I can't go back right now to duplicate it. I was only listening with the volume turned up about 1/4 of the way. The sub adjustment knob is set to 7. Since I haven't been able to put it up where it's goin, I can't really set it right yet. Right now, I'm not using the LFE connection.......speaker wire using the jumpers. Would it be a problem with the sub internal amp only rated with 50w vs. a receiver that's pushing 100wpc?

I'm gonna be hella pissed if I have to send it back to Crutchfield to have them look at it, but who knows.........I wanna check out the internal cabling method first.........HELP PLEASE?!?!?!?!?
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