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I have a Rockford Fosgate Punch P500.2 amp that puts out 500 watts RMS. I have connected and bridged a Rockford Fosgate Punch P212 that is rated at 400 watts RMS. If i have the amp at half gain is this too much power for the sub to handle? Can I turn the gain up more, is it good where it is at or should I lower it. I do not want to blow this sub.
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    I have a 500s and Im running it on a sony explode twelve rated at 250 rms you ll be fine as long ans your reasonablewith the volume. Im also running a xlc 18with 512 watts on it rated at 250 rms . With power comes responsibilty !

    it comes down too careful listening a speaker will handle more power better than less power.... do to the signal being cleaner at louder volumes
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    What radio do you have?
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    Just use your ears to control the volume. If it's bottoming out, reel it in a little. But you really can't have too much power to a woofer unless you're going to try to push it's limits.
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