LSi speakers and receiver EQ settings

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I recently upgraded my speakers to LSi's (LSi9, LSiC, and LSiFX). On my Sony ES30 receiver, I have EQ adjustments for bass (100 - 500hz), mid (100 - 1000hz), and treble (1000 - 10000hz). Has anyone tried EQ'ing their LSi's and if so, what settings have you used (I would guess its really room-dependant). I generally do not use EQ but once in a while it comes in handy. Any help would be appreciated. JEFF
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    Very room dependent. Not only dimensions, but also what's in it. There's also listener preference. Set it however you like. I've EQ'd quite a bit from time to time. What I liked to do is set it, listen for about 3 days. Write down the results and change it. Even if at first it seems to sound worse leave it for about 3 days. Write down the results, change again (or ask somebody else to). I've found myself going back to the initial settings saying, "What the F... was I thinking?".

    Nice speakers and receiver. Heads up. People around here tend to think Polk (especially the 4 Ohm LSi) and Sony don't go well together. As long as you don't turn it up too much you shouldn't have a problem.

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    i've read somewhere that you should not use a EQ in home theater... because it colors the sound.. i guess it could happen. I don't have an EQ in my system. for those of you that do... does the EQ affect all channels or just the fronts?
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    Thanks Gidrah - I was a bit concerned about the 4 ohm and more importantly, the 88 db sensitivity of the LSi's. The Sony has a 4/8 ohm switch so OK there... and even though the ES30 is 80w/channel, I have no problems even at modest volumes (I don't crank it up too often). And I'm glad to join the forum!

    Danger Boy - I can only speak to my Sony ES30, but EG settings affect all 5 channels - for that sound field. So, for Cinema A, you can EQ, for Cinema B, for Autoformat, etc.. JEFF
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    I had a eq once and it made everything sound not real, and yes i set this 15 ways from sunday. I don't care for them myself, wanna hear what it supposed to sound like..
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