Any recomendations for subs in a explorer

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i have a 94 explorer sport and have been thinking about subs but i dont kno what would sound good in my car
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    you;ve got a lotta air space to fill, i wouldn't do anything smaller than 2 momo 10's or something comparable (IDQ / alpine type R / etc etc) ... 300 - 500 watts each. thats just my opinion though -- it all depends on your taste as well as what else you have in the car -- if you have all factory speakers, then you may not want an elaborate sub setup.
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    I have owned both a 91 and a 97 Ford Explorer Sport. I have used MOMO speakers and subs in both of them. I would personally suggest using two 10" subs powered by an MTX 81000d or a Viper Audio 1200.1. I have ran two 10" subs along with a pair of 6.5 and 5.25" components and was very pleased with the sound. You will get very good bass and amazing highs that work well together. In my 97 explorer I have been running 4 10" MOMO's using two MTX 6500d's. If you want hard hitting bass that will turn everyones head that is the way to go. Most people will tell you to use 12" subs, but I perfer using 10's. They are usually more accurate and have alot better punch than twelves. Good luck on whatever you decide.