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After deciding to upgrade my ol'Pro Logic HT, and many $$$ later, I now have a decent set up, but am lacking a subwoofer, and would like some opinions.
New speakers are RTi70s/CSi40 in front with FXi30's in the rear.
Receiver - Denon AVR-3803.
DVD player - Denon DVD-1600.

HT/living room is not very large, 18'x12' with a small 6'x5' entry way behind the left front speaker. The floors are hardwood. Space for the sub is tight, so an extremely large enclosure will not work. The best locations for a sub in this room are
1) - behind the right front speaker in the corner if the sub is very small (12" to 14" square)
2) - along the wall in front of the left front speaker
3) - in the left rear corner of the room
There is a little leeway in speaker placement (but not much).

I would like to say price is no object, but I would be lying. I can currently afford something in the $500 price range, again with a little leeway.

The brand really doesn't matter, sorry Polk...:eek:, I want something that won't overpower my room, that sounds good with both music and movies. Not too much to ask, right?

All opinions welcome! Thanks in advance in answering this newbie's question.
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