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I am thinking of buying some mm120's to replace my alpine type R subs. However, I am not so sure this is a good idea... I have never heard the mm120 in action, and I am wondering if anyone can offer some advice of this comparison. I am running the R's in a cubic foot per sub enclosure (sealed) with an alpine v12 900x1 amp. I dunno all the technical lingo beyond all that, but I am just wondering if anyone knows which sub would be better with that system. (also, the head unit is alpine with a 4v pre-sub).
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    (( note the following numbers refer to 12 inch subs))

    well dude i've owned them or instlalled them all at one point or another ... the type R's aren't bad... but they look meaner than they actually are. all bark, no bite -- the R is a good sounding sub but it wont take more than like 400 watts before it drops dead (farts / sounds like crap / loses integrity) on you.

    the momo (new generation) is a superb sub -- and it'll handle about 650 rms if its clean power.

    900 alpine watts outa a v12 amp?? that has to be the 1507 -- i absoltely LOVE that amp. dude if you've got a 1507, why not get a beefy sub -- you want a whole lotta slam and a whole lotta perfect sound quality, get an Image DYnamics IDmax 12 inch sub. they're 1000 rms... in reality they're happy with 800 - 1200. I think you'll be a lot happier -- one idmax 12" will run you 400 bucks while two momo's will cost you 450. same price, but you're a whole lot better off with the max.
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