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OK, not to beat this subject to death.....but curious about placement..........I did a search and didn't find quite what I'm lookin for with this post....

I have 2 pair of RT16's now that I want to run as my front speakers. I have somewhat of a space issue (which would haven't been practical to think about prior to their purchase, but it's not my style.....) :D

I don't know that I can go so much more wide, as I can go up. I have seen it where people have put their speakers directly side by side, and then a pair of bookshelf speakers stacked on top of towers, but there's a *possibility* that I consider a big **** tower of RT16's. My question isn't that of can it be done.....it's how will the soundstage be affected by the level of the upper 16's drivers being 3 feet or so above head level if sitting on the couch.

In my head, I wanna say it'll just sound bigger. I just don't know how it'll be affected to have a set of drivers at ear level (while sitting) and a level a bit above. Granted, I could probably test this myself if i actually had the amp to run this setup and see what it was like, but alas, I don't.(another planning thing)

Please, as you sit your Merry asses in front of your computers, here on this Christmas Eve or Day, try to help your fellow Polk brotha......:D
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    I would flip the top pair upside down with a mousepad between. The tweeters should be as close to the same distance from you. If you put them side by side, I'd pull the outside pair inward a little.

    When I first heard both of my fronts together it sounded pretty bad. Flipping the top pair over improved things markedly.
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