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I've got an '87 300ZX (hatchback) w/ a Polk DB10 in one of the sealed hatchback Q-Logic boxes from Crutchfield a few years ago. It hardly plays any mid-upper bass and then will sound boomy and play loud for low bass. Supposedly if I remember, this box was supposed to be a good match. I can measure it when I get home. Should I have gotten an 8" instead? It's running on half of a Soundstream 500 amp, bridged.
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    Also, I'm looking for an accurate 8" or 10" for a small box in the back floor of my Nissan truck (king cab). Any recommendations?
    To be powered by half a 4 channel amp (as above but not as beefy). Haven't picked amp yet either.
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    Well first off, some questions for you.

    - How big is the box's internal dimensions? The dB10's optimal space is .65-.66 cubic feet. The closer you can get to that the better. I know some of the Q-Logic boxes didn't meet that spec and were not optimal.

    - What do you mean by mid and high bass? Most subs should not have to produce any frequencies above 120 Hz otherwise they become inefficient.

    I have a dB10 and when I had it in my Thunderbird, bass was tight and very powerful. The internal dimensions were spot on at .650 cubic feet. (I got that number by blind luck when I built the box!) Now that same dB10 has 100 more watts on it and it is in a slightly smaller box due to an incorrect calculation on my part. I stuffed the box with polyfil and the only difference I have noticed is that low-end extension suffered a bit. So it's not boomy at all but it will still reach down to the 10-20 Hz range.

    The only thing I can think of that would make the sub box boomy would be either it's too big or there is a leak. If you are looking for higher frequency response from the sub though, check your crossover settings. Also, keep in mind that box size and shape affect frequency response and odd shapes can cause sweet spots and dead spots in your subwoofer's frequency range.
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    well i dunno on the db 10 -- in my opinion its as good of subwoofer as the momo, if not better in some regards... maybe a bit less power handling, but overall i loved the DB line with a passion.

    maybe you have your crossover clicked too low -- you should peg it around 80 - 100 hertz.

    as far as runnin a 10 off of low power -- i run a JBL GT100 10" subwoofer off of 210 watts and it bumps pretty good. its efficient, clean, and punchy -- it doesn't hit really low low low (20 - 30 hertz) too loud because i had to make hte box about 20% too small to squeeze it under a back seat, but its a hell of a sub to run off 200 watts... i absolutely love it, and it only cost me 60 bucks brand new online -- its like 80 at crutchfield / circuit city.
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