Setting the FXi50's and FXi30's Bipole or Dipole

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Hello, I have the rear Speakers (FXi50's) about one foot behind the listening postion and the FXi30's on the side rear about 5 feet forward from the FXi50's. How should I set the Dipole Bipole switch on this set-up?
I have the speakers set-up right now with the FXi50's at bi-pole and the FXi30's set at di-pole would this be right?

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  • scottvampscottvamp Posts: 3,297
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    IMO I would have put the fxi50's to the sides. A little stronger speaker for the diffused sound (dipole). When calibrating because of the dipole these may require a couple more db's.
    I like direct speakers for the rear. But with the ones you have bipole is the way to go. I am asumeing your have a 7.1 setup.
    side speakers a couple feet above listening position on dipole.
    rear speakers direct (bipole) in the back of the room and a bit higher than the sides angled downward towards the listening position.
    This has worked best for me. :cool:
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    Check the polk archive for the news letter. There is a article there on how to set up the di-bipole switch. I think the oposite of Scot. :confused:
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