bi amp or single amp

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would it be better to bi amp at 100 wpc or get a amp that has 200 wpc?
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    I've been checking out bi-amping at some other sites. From what I gather if done correctly with the correct amps, speakers, & wire it can be really sweet and be quite an improvement. If not done correctly you can damage your speakers and/or amps.

    I'd go with a 200wpc and bi-wire. Or if the 100wpc amps in question are bridgable, go with a bi-wired dual mono configuration.
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    your going to need 2 amps. run your highs on the 100wpc L/R and your subs on the 200wpc L/R
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    Actually i have read to use equal size amps and pref. the same brand. I have done this with my rti70's, I have a 2 channel amp with 4 outputs(speakers A&B) and at 165 wpc i put each output on each the tweeter and woofers, seemed to work good, can't say i noticed a difference when i switched back to regular bi-wireing them on 1 output each speaker. The highs actually are not so bright as it doesnt have 165 going straight to each one.
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