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Hello its me I am ready to buy, but like always I what to make sure what everyone else thinks. What I want to do is this: I have the RTi70's fronts. I am using the RM7600 speakers for the rear, and side rears. I want to replace the rear speakers with the FXi50's and the rear sides with the FXi30's and the center will be replaced with the CSi40. The room is 27'wide by 25'long by 16' high.

My question here is, should I replace both rear and rear sides with the same speakers (FXi50's).:p
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  • botanybotany Posts: 68
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    The rear speakers would be on the wall about 7 to 8 feet up on the back wall. the other rear speakers are about 7 feet forward same hight on the side walls. I hope this helps in your ideas for my speaker choice.

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    I think in a 7 channel setup the side speakers are the bipole speakers (FXi50's) but the rears are a direct fire. Perhaps it depends on the room. I would consider RTi38's or perhaps another pair of RTi70's. *lol*
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