3 15s vs 2 15s

mirra540rydermirra540ryder Posts: 136
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Im going for spl. I have one 15 in my car in a seald box beating back. When i face it up towerds the glass its not as loud. I can build a box to fit two side by side beating back vented in two chambers. Or i can build 3 beating up in a triange form two side by side and one on top in a big square box with one chamber.

This is how big my hatch is its a 00 tiburon

Rockford P.1000-1300 [email protected]
3 Polk Audio mm1254SVC

42 wide

45 long

18 all

Rockford P.1000-1300 [email protected]
3 Polk Audio mm1254SVC
Soon to have
Rockford T1 6/9s in the back
Rockford P.200
Clarion DFZ675MC
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