RT1000i for $99 ?

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so i'm shopping early (7am) on Friday the day after Thanksgiving. I needed to get out of the house or i would have eaten myself into an early grave. Man was it good though.

So i stand in line waiting for CC to open up with about a hundred other crazies. Finally the doors open (5 mins early) and everyone filters in, in a hurry to grab most anything under a hundred bucks right away. By the time i'm even in the door. the real cheapo 13" tv's and dvd players are scooped up. Fine, i wasn't looking for anything anyway. i just was "looking around".

So i wonder over to sound room #2. cool. checking out the new Polk towers.. and wishing I could afford a set of new big powered towers. But i can't . Then hiding all by itselt in one corner of the room is a single black RT1000i. not hooked up to anything. I check the price. it's an open box model. A few scratches on the top of it.. but nothing major. I see the price, and it nearly knocks me down.. in big red Circuit city letters. $104.99 nice. But, problem is it's missing it's twin brother.

I don't buy it. I leave town and return back to CC on Sunday night 30 minutes before closing time. It's still there. I snatch it up this time. The sales guy rings it up.. price $99.95 damn. with taxes ends up being $108.10 nice dude. I walk out with a good sounding slightly used RT1000I for just over a hundred bucks. How cool is that? I'm not one of those lucky guys that ever gets a "great" deal on anything. I felt great, got home hooked it up to my ht and watched MIB II

Okay here is the good part.. my fronts are RT800i's, but i was never satisfied with the bass response from them.. especially being underdriven by my meek (70x5 wpc) Marantz SR5000. So i replaced the left 800i with the 1000i and since the mid and tweeter drivers are the same.. it integrated very nicely. Now i'm on the look out for another RT1000i to complete the fronts.

Once i find the other 1000i, i may move the 800's to the rear, replacing the fx300i's. this stuff is fun.

sorry such a long story.. but i was in the mood to write tonight. hee hee hee.

P.S. I may be in the market for a new receiver.. has to be under $1000 plus taxes. any suggestions? I check out the Onkyo SR7000
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    Dangerboy, would you believe me if I told you a got a brand new UNopened box PAIR of RT1000i's for even less than that from CC?
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    yeah but how did you hide them in your coat? they're really heavy and big. ha ha ha just kidding ya..

    that's very cool. how do you like em?
    PolkFest 2012, who's going>?
    Vancouver, Canada Sept 30th, 2012 - Madonna concert :cheesygrin:
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    Well, let's just say that I didn't steal them, and I'll leave it at that.
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    great deal guys...i wish i can stumble upon such a deal
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    I went to CC with 2 rt25i and one cs245i speakers. I found an open box (trade in) of 2 rt35i speakers and one cs400i speaker. They had the rt35i speakers for $99 each and the cs400i for $199. All of them looked brand new! I found out later that the 35i's belonged to an employee that took good card of them. The guy rang up the difference and told me I had to get something else because they owed me 9 cents!!!! Go figure that out! So I got a pack of blank cds. I did have to take the cs400i back because the tweeter is not working but they are going to service it and call me when it is ready. I think this was a deal!!!
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