Anyone know anything about the MM10's?

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I am getting ready to purchas two MM10's for my Porsche 944. I was wondering does anybody know the dimensions on these and what thier power handling is? So far I plan to slap an Audiobahn A18001DQ amp which I would run to both of the subs. Is this too much power for them? The amp runs the following power output:
600w x1 @ 4 ohms mono
1200w x1 @ 2 ohms mono
1800w x1 @ 1 ohm mono
It is a class D amp with 0.05% THD. Will the subs be able to handle this amount of power? If so how should I wire them in seeing as I can't find the MM10's specs on any website including the polk/momo one. I am hopeing that someone out ther can help me out so I don't blow anything.
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    spec on the new momo 10 is as follows...

    rms = 400
    max = 8000

    sealed box volume = 0.88 after displacement (0.94 - 0.96 before dispalcement ought to do ya fine).

    u can probably put 500+ on each one though... i demo-ed a momo 12 and put 650 on it and it was clean and clear with no problems... so 500+ on the 10 is not going to be a problem.

    also -- having a STRONGER amp is a good thing. just keep your gain back a hair and then you'll be sure to get a solid 1000 total output at 2 ohms clean and clear with minimal distortion / stress on the amp. example -- i have 1000 watt subwoofers and put 1200 watt amps on each -- this way i keep the amp cool and the sub running smooth. so that audiobahn oughta do ya fine.

    wire the subwoofers in parallel --t his means take the POSITIVE terminal of both subs and hook that to the amp's positive terminal.... do the same for the negative -- since the momo's are 4 ohm subs, 2 in parallel wil be a 2 ohm load.

    good luck :)
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    Thanks for the advice Vince. I will stick with the Audiobahn wired in paralle. This should give each sub 600w which is enough for my small car (1987 Porsche 944). I am building a sound quality system using three sets of the MM6 Wired to a 6 channel Audiobahn the puts out 75W x6 @ 4 ohms. Plus in the summer I will add the two MM10's with the audiobahn amp and two audiobahn digital caps. I believe that this system will make me competitive with just about anything out there. After the install of the MM6 systems (currently being shipped by UPS) I will try to get my install up on the web site. Once again thanks for the advice on the MM10's.
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