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New to the forum...have always admired Polk Audio, though.

I have a couple of the original db12 subwoofers gathering dust in my garage that I was considering running again. I used them for a short while until I bought a new truck, in which they wouldn't comfortably fit.

Frankly, I'm dizzied by all the new and considerable choices in the sub market today, and truly question how much better any of the new subs truly sound over my Polk db12's of yesteryear. I frankly don't want to spend massive amounts of money again, when my db12's are in good condition and I was always please with their low frequency extension.

Anyhow, does anybody know what the TS parameters are on these drivers? I have the original boxes but I've since lost track of what size enclosures these are intended for. All I remember is that they were for small boxes, ~.8 cu/ft. Would like to look into boxing them up again. I've surfed the website and cannot locate a manual on these subs. Anybody that has access to the original specs that can send it my way, I'd be much obliged.

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