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thanks for the info one last question with a box volume of 1.25 cubic feet should i stuff this box or just sound dampen i.e. dynamat or eqivalent? If stuffing approximately how much dacron would be used ? thanks for info
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    if you build the box properly you dont need stuffing -- its argued that stuffing kills standing waves and what not but thats really debatable... if you really analyze the physics of how the wave flows through the fill you get marginal results... however, if you wish to fill anyway then for a 1.25 cubic box i'd say about 3/4 of a pound should do.

    for a 0.88 box most people agree half a pound, so 1.25 and 3/4 sounds about right.
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    I've found that solid wood or cabinet grade plywood (no voids) does a better job of killing standing waves than any kind of plastic thread.

    What the stuffing can do is make your sub sound like it is in a bigger box. It's not the right solution but it can be a good temporary fix until you can get the right solution in place.

    It's also good for large ported and bandpass boxes. Large displacement boxes can have a boomy sound with an almost echo effect. Stuffing the box with polyfil will keep the boomy effect down.

    Stuff like Dynamat has increased the boomy effect but reduced vibration in my experience. If your box is vibrating though, there are other problems or your box wasn't built right.

    I agree with PoweredByDodge's numbers on how much to use too.
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