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I'm in trouble and I need some help. This friend of mine wants to buy my speakers so I can upgrade. My current system is RT1000i, CS245i,FX300i. Have been thinking about LSi15,LSiCenter,LSi9, so whats the problem? Magnepan is the problem. I think I want the MGMC1-MGCC2 combo for my new home theater speakers. Come on Polk brothers help me I'm feeling weak. :confused:
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    jmasterj, don't sweat it man... its your rig and if you like what you hear from Magnepan after a taste test then go for it...

    Just give us polkies a review and all is good.

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    Do you really want to have to mount your speakers to a wall? ;)

    The maggies are nice, but I prefer a little bit more traditional speakers. Did you go out and demo both?

    Have you done a price comparison?
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    Price point is the same. I plan to go listen to both of them one day soon. Also plan to listen to the Sunfire receiver too.
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