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I am looking for opinions on usedpreamps. I am considering either an older carver (maybe c-5 or ct-6) or parasound pld 1100. I have a carver tfm 35x amp, a toshiba 9200 dvd sending 2 channel analog out and Polk RTi150 speakers. I am currently using the Denon 2802 as pre amp but would like to improve for 2 channel with a better preamp. The parasound has no phono stage but I don't listen to lps that often anyway. Just wondering about build/sound quality between the two. Any opinions welcome. Thanks
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    I have found a Carver ct 23 as well, but I keep going back to the Parasound PLD 1100. Any opinions, please??
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    The 1100 is an excellent line drive Preamp. This was a great option for my Adcom 5802. This Pre has the same specs as the GFP-750 which is the mate for this amp. What you get is a Class A dual mono design with S/N ration of 102db. For $200-$250 (original price was $850) it performs very well. Because of its dual mono design you get no crosstalk, so its imaging is solid. Your music will sound as good as your source and it will reveal any flaws it may have. If you have the CD attenuation feature on your 9200, use it!!! Otherwise the highs will over power your system. This will knock your CD output down by about 3db, but the 0 fatigue factor will more than make up for the overly dynamic movie mode. I just bought the matching TDQ-1600 tuner to match this pre. This will be my dedicated 2/ch rig for some time. I just played "Ronin" in 2/ch the other night on the 15's and was grinning ear to ear.

    The only issue I had with the unit was the LED in the volume control. The older units had a small problem of wearing the contact wires for the LED out of the solder. It's an easy fix though. 10 min re-solder job and it's good as new. Other than that it's dead quiet and never makes any contact bounce when it turns on or switches to a different source. You won't be disappointed with this piece. The 1100 or the P/LD 2000 would be first on my list if I had to start over again.

    P.S. Grab a Parasound SCAMP if you can. This will turn your amp on when a signal is applied to it from a Pre. This is a zero loss insertion, so you wont lose any signal quality. It then turns it off after 5min when the signal is no longer present. It's a slick little device.
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    I can't say a thing one way or the other about Parasound pre's. I have had experience with a pair of Adcoms (GTP-450, GFP-345) a Soundcraftsman (don't remember the #), an SAE and a Rotel RSP 960 AX. My newest addition blows them all away. I just picked up a Carver CT-17 and it is far and away the best preamp I have used. Midrange detail was the first thing I noticed, lyrics and dialogue are much more intelligable. Speed and dynamic impact are amazing. My speakers have also never gone to such low octaves. Never thought a change in pre's would make that big of a difference, it never had before. This thing does run a bit on the warm side, first pre I have owned with vents over the heat sinks, and it needs 'em.
    I would highly recommend this unit. Typically, they go for around 3 Franklins on ebay. Shop around and you might get a deal like I did. (Audiogon)

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    I just bought a P/LD2000 and will probably put the 1100 up for sale soon. I just had to have the balanced XLR to go with my Adcom 5802, Plus I got the best deal I have ever seen on the 2000. I can give a side by side review if your interested or still around.
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