Best LIVE album recorded albums you've heard.



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    Wow, there are so many great live albums, but let me try an list some you have not listed.

    Todd Rundren..Utopia Altho not a complete live album, what is live will blow you away.

    Grateful Dead...Live/Dead

    Lee Michaels.... Now not a true "live" in front of people, but as live as you can get...1 take, thats it.

    Brian Auger....Complete live Oblivion

    Thin Lizzy...Live and Dangerous

    Mountain...Flowers of Evil ...half live/ half studio

    Johnny Winter And...Live

    Savoy Brown....Blue Matter ...half live/ half studio

    Clapton ...24 nights

    Cream....Live Cream Vol 1 & 2
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    Any of the 22 shows from the Grateful Dead Europe 72 tour. Wow!!!! Each show is amazing. I broke my bank and bought the complete Europe 72 box set last year and it was worth every penny. There's a whole lifetime of listening in there!

    Besides the GD shows, some of my other favorite live albums are:

    Allman Brothers - Live at Fillmore East
    Gov't Mule - Live With a Little Help From Our Friends
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    Thanks, naturallight, i forgot about another of my favorite live albums and which I just saw on your list.
    Thanks for reminding me about:

    Thin Lizzy - Live and Dangerous
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    not limited to but one of my favs
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    The Allman Brothers Band - Live from the Fillmore. It really captures the improvisational southern rock/blues magic they created.
    Side note - I saw them live in Jacksonville, FL., when they opened for Led Zeppelin. Not certain if factual, but I was told that it was the first big gig that Dicky Betts played with them after leaving the Second Coming.
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    alice in chains unplugged