How much fiberfill?

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Just got my MM124 today, and installed it into a Subzero .88ft3 hatch box. Right now it sounds awesome, but I was wondering if I should put some fiberfill in there? If so, how much? Thanks.
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    well... addin a little polyfill is gonna make hte sub think the box is bigger so you'll get like a little deeper bass response - but keep in mind that this will probably reduce your ability to drive the sub "hard" -- if you're driving it slightly beyond its means or right to its limit now, adding a pound of polyfill will decrease you're ability to do so...

    half of a pound is usually "good" for a 12 inch 0.88 box.
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    Agreed on the .5 /lb per cu ft theory, but at the minimum, throw a little in anyway, if for no other reason than to help nullify the 'back wave' from the woof.


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    ive heard a pound per sq foot....
    i put about 3/4 pound in my .88 chamber
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