Open up Polk M3 speaker?

SkydivenowSkydivenow Posts: 2
I have a M3 speaker that was handled roughly in a move and now only puts out distortion, I can hear somthing moving around inside put I can't get the speaker apart to see what it is and fix it... I have removed the screws that hold the wire terminals on and the four screws under the grille but the speaker still doesn't want to come apart, it appears that it is held togther with an adhesive is this true? any ideas?


Kevin S. Potts
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    Hello Kevin,
    Thanks for participating in the Forum. If you can give me your fax number or U.S. Mail address I can send instructions. Let me know at [email protected] or telephone 1-800-377-7655 extension 891.
    Regards, Ken Swauger
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    Thanks for the response, I took another look at the speaker and found two more screws that I had thought were bass ports, anyway the crossover was loose and it seem both drivers are blown... I hooked up each driver seperately, bypassing the crossover and get nothing on the tweeter and just distortion on the midrange...
    Kevin S. Potts
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