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Hello All!

I usually don't start interesting forums and I'm sure this will be no different, but, here it goes.

Does anyone know of aftermarket feet, pegs, spikes (however you want to call them) which can installed, and adjustable, for the bottom of tower speakers which have none? My 8t's have only the little plastic pegs.

Right now I have small cut-out rubber pieces on the bottom of the pegs since the 8t's tend to vibrate around on the maple hardwood floors. A little while ago I tried tilting the fronts up a bit and liked the change. So now I have hard plastic "suction cups", which are used mainly for furniture on hardwood floors, under the fronts of each speaker with the rubber pieces for the rise in tilt.

With the kids tending to "inch" the speakers every once in a while, not intentionally since they know it makes dad irritable, it would be nice to get some adjustable feet for the bottoms with rubber so they don't move so easily.

Any ideas?
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    Hoosier -

    Thanks for the webpage. Didn't know they made that sort of thing but we'll see what happens. The Dynaco spikes were attractive but with the tower bases not being solid, spike bases sitting out all sides of the cabinet would be most unattractive. I emailed Parts Express and asked them what the exact sizes were of the brass Isolation Cones they have in stock. The bottom of the 8t's are "put together" sort of speak. 4 different pieces of plywood are mated together to form a small rectangle, each screwed and glued, and inside that rectangle it's hollow. That's kind of my dilemma.

    I am a big believer in doing little things to help make a nice system better, sound quality wise.

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    i called polk about 3 years ago about getting some spikes for my rt8s and they sent them free of charge. nice hard spikes with ajustable lock nut
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    madisound have some too, been looking into them myself

    that is the frame link, http://www.madisound.com/ in general

    on a side note, does anyone know what size the threading is on the bottom of the RT8s? Madisounds spikes are M6 and 1/4-20.

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