equalizer with Denon 3802

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Is it possible to hook up and equalizer to a Denon 3802? I have one available, but do not see any equalizer jack(s), nor anything listed in the instructions. How, or can this be done? and if so, what gets connected to what?
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    I'm not familiar with that particular receiver however, if you have a "Tape Monitor" or "Tape Loop" connection, that is where you would connect your EQ.
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    the 3802 I think is the same as the 2802 which I just recently sold, and I was in the same situation (i.e. own an equalizer) that I wasn't able to use. What's missing from the 3802 I believed was an outside loop (pre out - main in) connector that would allow you to add equalizer, dynamic compressor/expander, etc) such as the denon avc-3030 (that I still owned). You could put your equalizer in one of the path of the source (either one of the tape, cd, dvd) and use it exclusively for that path, or you could add a multi input switch that connect all the sources, and pick a fix input to your 3802 (not the best route, since then you are not using most of your source controls on the receiver)..
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