Got RT2000's or RT3000's anyone? Trade for SDA-2B's plus cash

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I already posted in the flea maket section, but I thought this might get a little more exposure.

I am just testing the waters to see if anyone might be interested. I am located in So Cal and was looking for a pair of RT2000's or RT3000's to trade for a near mint pair of SDA-2B's in oak plus my cash. The RT's can be either black or cherry. I have the original boxes, interlink cable and manual for the SDA's, plus original receipt. Email me if anyone would be interested, or if you have a pair of RT2000's or RT3000's for sale...very good condition. Will ship if necessary and if deal is right.

email me at [email protected]
I have pictures if needed. Let me know. Or if someone can host them, I will email them to you. Also you can post any interest here.


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