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I have a pair of Rt55i's right now, i am planning on selling them, if there is anyone in NC interested let me know. I plan on replacing them with a pair of Lsi9's, i found them at for $630/pair do you guys know if these are going to be legit speakers with the serial #'s intact? Will these still be under Polk's warranty? Has anyone had any experience with this site? I could go to crutchfield and pay $899, but hey if i can get them for $270 less and they will be legit I would prefer that.

Thanks in Advance Guys,

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-Polk Ebony LSi9's
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    Although they offer very good prices brandmanez is NOT an authorized dealer. But with Polk having excellent customer support I don't think you would have to worry if something went wrong with the Lsi's. IMHO that's one of the great things about Polk, they stand behind their products. Good luck.
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    check out this place instead,, talk to Eric (800/691-6914), price is great, service is top notch, I'll vouch for him. cheers,
    I am sorry, I have no opinion on the matter. I am sure you do. So, don't mind me, I just want to talk audio and pie.
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