Magnetic effects

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Here’s a problem I think I have. It may be nothing.

Soon I must re-arrange my listening room. I use RS-25 for my surround speakers there and it looks like part of my ol’ video tape collection might be stored near by. I know that they are shielded from getting into your picture tube but are they shielded enough to keep from being expensive tape demagnetizers? I’d hate to have some of these tapes wiped if I can avoid it. What do you think?
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    sheilded or not. it's not a good idea to store your tapes next to anything with a magnet. plus, keep in mind that videotape was never ment to be a permanent archive. the shelf life of videotape is usually around 10 to 20 yrs. give or take a few years. ha ha ha.
    Just like your computer. you'd (hopefully) never store something important long term on a floppy disc. they are to easily destroyed. it would make more sense to store it long term on a CD-Rom
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