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I purchased a pair of Polk dX 12" subs from Crutchfield as an "open box" buy. The problem = no template for my enclosure. I think an 11.25" diameter hole would be about right but I don't want it too big. Should I just cut it smaller than it should be and then slowly enlarge it until it's perfect? Also, does anyone know if the MOMO grilles for the mm124 subs would allow enough clearance for the traditional dustcaps of the dX's? Best grilles ever!
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    at one point or another i've owned 8 dx series subs -- just sold 4 dx 12's...

    the cutout for the dx 12 is 11.15 inches --- personally i would not immediatly go to 11.25 -- like you said, you can always cut more wood but you cant put wood back on... so start at eleven and a hair and shave out from there but i bet u that 11 and a hair will do.. like i said spec is 11.15 -- what i did for my own was draw a ring of diameter 11 inches with a compas-- then i just made sure the saw blade was "on the outer edge" of the pencil mark -- this way the thickness of the saw blade made up for the extra 0.15 inches. it fit like a glove...
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