Psw650 Problem

Hi, I am a polk psw 650 owner, My subwoofer from yesterday turn off and turn on intermittent when I play music or movies. The sound is good but bother the intermittent that is not normal, the green light in front of the psw 650 is flashing every 10 second in both modes of power (auto or on). What could I do?

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    I've been noticing a similar problem with my psw 350. it's about three yrs old. now it seems that it keeps turning itself off and on every two or three minutes.. even while watching a movie or TV in prologic mode. i've changed the setting to "always on" and it doesn't seem to matter. the light stays green, but i can still here it when it powers up again. otherwise it's working fine. i'm still impressed with how much bass is pumped out of such a small sub.
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    Do you have a "Y" cable hooked up to it or only a single LFE cable?

    Check with Polk customer service, I'm sure they'll help you out quickly and painlessly.