Need to repair scratches on tweeter grill

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OK, so the grill on one of the tweeters in my Polk component EX2560 set has a few scratches on it, right down to the silver steel underneath. I'd like to touch up the paint.

It does not seem easy to remove the grill for spray painting. But, if I paint it without removing the grill, I can either use brush on paint (which might not match or look splotchy), or spray paint with the grill in place (which will send paint onto the tweeter dome, which I assume is bad).

Any suggestions? Here's an (unscratched) example of the tweeter:

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  • LibertycLibertyc Posts: 912
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    Try a black permanent marker.
  • gidrahgidrah Posts: 3,031
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    If you live near a military base, you can get some stuff. I forget the name (Em-new maybe), but it's flat black and paints on like nail polish. Smooth it out and it looks good!
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    Another thing you can try is buy some satin, not flat, black spray paint. Spray a puddle on cardboard or something, then use a small brush or q-tip to touch up the grill.
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    dip it in postachio pudding, then you'll have green grilles :D

    lol... nah i think what thom said is about right... that usualy works for me.
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