Question for Ken or anyone about PSW350

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1)What is the impedance of the Subwoofer in the model PSW350?

2)What is the volume of the PSW350? ~1.5 Ft^^3 perhaps?

3)Are there any upgrades possible for this sub other than stepping up to the next model? Perhaps higher power or woofer change or something like that.

Thanks in advance
Just curious



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    I know this won't answer your question, But i posted a similiar question and got no answer, I to have a sub, Not polk and want to upgrade the woofer and or the amp, with maybe some parts from SVS website, ie: a 12" woofer and amp that they carry. can this be done in a factory made sub enclosure with good results. Please any answers or even let me know if your not for sure so i know to pursue this idea any further, The sub i have is about 6 years old and a JBL the large model they had back then that was made heavy duty. Thanks
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