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For you guys out there that own a SVS Sub, Would i huge difference with a SVS ULTRA over a 20-39pc+ in a small room about 11feet wide and 22 feet back with listening position at about 15 feet back. Im sure there both loud so should i just look into the cheaper one?
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    I have an SVS 20-39PC in a similar sized room to yours and it will just about tear the walls down. Last week I was watching WE WERE SOLDIERS and the kids came downstairs and told me that things were getting bounced off the shelves (upstairs and on the other end of the house) I can't speak for the ULTRA but the regular 20-39PC gets the job done very well.--Tom
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    The Ultra will give you an approximately 2 dB increase in SPL at the limit. It also has a bit less THD at any given power setting, but both drivers have very low THD anyway, so that point is really moot.

    The Ultra TV-12 driver is the absolute best woofer TC Sounds knows how to build. It costs about $550 just for the woofer.

    However, a TON of R&D went into the new dB-12 "Plus" driver and it is a world beater in terms of performance for the dollar. It costs around $275. It has 80% of the Ultra's performance for half the cost.

    In fact, the dB-12 driver is SO good, it forced SVS to redesign and ultimately replace the original Ultra driver in February of 2002 because it OUTPERFORMED the original Ultra driver!

    I think in your size room, one PC+ will do just fine. Whenever faced with a good sized room, SVS ALWAYS recommends two Plus subs over one Ultra sub because two Plus subs definitely would cream one Ultra in terms of SPL.

    Not only that, the PC+ line has the plug and play ease of set up that the Ultra doesn't.

    BTW - I recorded SPL bass peaks of 112 dB 12 feet from the sub yesterday at the 59 minute mark of We Were Soldiers when they called for close cover air support. It is an LFE MONSTER.

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