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I am pretty new into the home theater set up and I need to up grade my amp. Here is what I currently have for speakers and components.

RT1000P mains
CSI40 center
JBL TX - 66 rears
JBL psw 1000 sub
technics SHAC-AD 500d processor
JVC RX 664v reciver
JVC 1000dv DVD
RCA 52" rear projection

Some of the equipment is a little old and a little "cheap" I know. I am looking for suggestions on an amplifier or replacement reciver that will fit with what I have. I am in Canada and on a buget so I am thinking around $600.00cdn ($50 or so US :) )

What do you think? should I ditch the SHAC processor too?
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    ....Or $500 US?

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    Welcome - if you are set on just a new reciever - at that price I would go with the new Onkyo 600 . Biggest bang for the buck. Ditch the processor. IMO ;)
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    Originally posted by trubluluc
    ....Or $500 US?


    Sorry just a little inside joke about the exchange rate of the "Loonie".

    Around $450.00usd is a close conversion.

    On another note does anyone have any experience with the Yamaha line of recivers. I primarily use the system for movies although ther is the occasional loud drunken party too.

    Scott - you imply that there are some "lacking" components in my system, care to elaborate?

    I am also looking for a sub to fill in where the powered towers leave off. The SVS seems to be pretty popular here, are there any other that you guys think would fit in well with what I currently have and stick around during the "upgrade" process?

    This is starting to cut into the Jeep buget already :)
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    I own the Yamaha RX-V800 and have no problems with it. You can pick them up for $380- $450. It's a 5.1 receiver with a phantom rear. 100w channel,DD, DD Matix 6.1,DTS, DTS ES, Pro logic. If you want to go cheaper there's the RX-V620. Same feaures, just less hook up's. If you want the newer formats, PL II, EX, ES,you'll need to look into the RX-V1300, but that runs into the $700.
    Personally, I wouldn't go anything less then the 620 in Yamahas.
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    Scott - you imply that there are some "lacking" components in my system, care to elaborate?
    should I ditch the SHAC processor too?
    If you are looking for a new reciever - don't see a need for the processor.
    Have not been impressed by the Yamaha line lately. Especially the low/mid range line. Consturction and power seem to be lacking. Just seems like for the $ Denon and Onkyo have stepped up to the plate.
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    Originally posted by scottvamp
    - if you are set on just a new reciever -

    It was the "just" I was refering to. Didn't mean anything by it, however if you do have any suggestions on a replacement sub I would be interested in hearing about anything but the svs line. Seems to be a lot of action on svs line around here.

    BTW - I checked out the Onkyo and it looks like it will be a good fit for me. Thanks :) Now I need to find someplace local that carries it....
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    I'd also give Marantz, NAD, Denon, Outlaw etc. some consideration as well....

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    You know there is nothing wrong with Yamaha receivers for theater. They are very dynamic have a lot of power and now are starting to get into a lot of current features like subwoofer in the test tone generator which they never did before, video upconversion they are doing, powered second zone, so there are a lot of reasons to consider Yamaha.

    On the other hand, in my experience I really don't care for how the Polks sound with Yamaha because of the efficiency of the tri-laminate tweeter. Mantis and I have had good luck using the Denon with polks particulary the RT1000's. If you want a good solid receiver for not a lot of money you should check out the Yamaha RXV-430, Denon AVR-1803, Sony STR-DA2ES, which all sound pretty damn good for the money.

    As far as a sub goes maybe you should try looking at the Boston Acoustics PV-400 or 600, Polk PSW-404, Velodyne CT-120 which you can pretty much find on sale every weekend for 300. Subwoofers are very personal just like every other speaker, they have to respond the way you want it to. Do you want a loud sub? smooth sub? musical sub? Hope this helps and have fun demoing there is nothing better than buying new stuff.

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    I've got the JVC RXV 9010VBK. I paid aroud $350(U.S.). I'm pretty frickin' happy with it. Plenty of features, great power and it sounds good to boot.

    P.S. I MIGHT be interested in the processor. I've got a few systems, but none of those.
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