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    I turn the radio to the "rock station" and listen for a minute....turn it off for ten...turn it back sounds like the same song is on..I turn it off for ten..turn it back cetera. Don't get me wrong, *some* of these guys have talent. But even the ones with talent are still putting out at least one trendy style song per album in order to get airtime. That or it's just a cooincidence *yeah right*
    Regardless of how they're taking the Blose approach to feeding off the simple minded and uninformed....they're ALL a helluva lot richer than I am.
    Maybe I should smoke till my chest rots then get 28 billion dollars. I'm in the wrong business.
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    i guess this thread was started to talk about small speakers vs large speakers. somewhere we got a little off topic and are now debating the merrits of todays bands lacking creativity.

    my choice for music and home theaters would have to be large. towers in a home theater are the only way to go. when i started to build my current home theater about three years ago. it was a no brainer. speakers had to be large. Even bookshelf speakers weren't considered. I've always like the power you can expect from large tower type speakers.

    what do the rest of you guys use?

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    I would have to agree with everyone on this one. Big speakers in turn give you big sound whether it be a 2,3,4-way design it's just such a fuller more coherent sound from the lower octave all the way to the upper high freqs. Small speakers IMO just do not have the mid-bass nor bass response to be a convincingly musical speaker. If you add a really tight, quick, and clean subwoofer you can get impressive results but after the sub and stands you might as well of gotten floorstands.

    Not to mention if you put them in a cabinet or any sort of Bookshelf unit then the sound has been completely destroyed. Bookshelves IMO are a comprimise for money and space constraints where as floorstands aren't.
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    I did without many things in my younger years and now I just want to enjoy the small things in life so I prefer Large full range speakers.
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